Animalhealer Academy

Practitioner & Certification

This is the program for you, if you feel the call to offer your service to others, guiding them and their Animal Friend, on their path ahead of them in their lives together.


By adding a Practitioners Certification on top of your Mentee practice, you take the Spiritual Work for The Animals to the level of

The Professional!


Working professionally with your own clients and their Animal Friends, both on-site and from a distance.

This program is finalised with a

Practitioners Certification Ceremoni,

with the option for the Ceremony to be held onsite at the Li'l Widebay Farm in Denmark, if travelling is possible for you at the time of your Ceremoni - if you cannot travel, we do amazing ceremonies online! :o) Great Energy has no limits!


On-site ceremonies are held at the end of an on-site training clinic, as part of the Prationers Certification Program.

(Details to be finalised upon registration)

Building The Connection ...

As a Mentee & Practitioner Student @Animalhealer Academy, you are joining a group of Heartcentered Lightworkers for The Animals!


Working with The Energy Bodies of both animals and humans,
can provide that extra layer of insight into the non-physical realm of the
Connection between Animals & Humans.


It is a beautiful Spiritual Dance between Animals & Humans!


  • Dive into your Connection

    WHAT is it, that works 'behind the scenes' in The Spititual World of The Animals?


    Together, we dive into that  Connection we all have inside of us, from where our Inner Source lives in Harmony with Nature and Mother Earth

  • Add to your Toolbox!

    Your own Spiritual Practise is your most valuable tool as Healer!


    Developing a Spiritual Pratice and dive into Personal Growth, together with The Animal Kingdom, is rewarding on many levels

  • Work your Energy Body

    HOW to navigate this Energy layer and get familiar with the layers of this Energy Structure - both in you and in the animals.


    A Heartcentered approach and the Theory behind this knowledge to back up the spiritual experiences, is a powerfull platform to work from


  • Fill the Gap between us ...

    By Cultivating this space, we get into a deeper Contact with The Animals.


    We are able to Channel Healing Energy and create a bond of Communication with The Spiritual Animal Kingdom, learning from their wisdom.

Connection * Spirituality * Communication

Animalhealer Academy
Take your LightWork for The Animals to the level of The Professional!

You will learn about setting up a business for sharing your dedication and your Healing Gift with the animals of this world - and their humans :o)


You will learn about how to navigate different Field-Work Scenarios, you will be guided through techniques for handling Customer Relationships & you will learn how to navigate in various Client Situations.

  • How to set up a Healing Business
  • Customer Relationships
  • Various Client Situations
  • Field Work Support
  • On-site training (Denmark)
  • Certification as Practitioner
  • Initiation Ceremony

Foundation Course Online Access

Personal Online Training Support via Zoom/Skype

  • 12 x 1 : 1 calls
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Study Support
  • Monthly Email Support
  • Membership of 'The Lemur Pen' during the course of your program (see The Rescue Program Enhanced level)

Our programs cover in-depth training around all the important
aspects of deepening your connection with the animals & becoming a

Lightworker for

The Animals!

Animalhealer Academy is a Spiritual Transformation Platform where you can Deepen your Connection with your Animal Friends and enhance your Spiritual Understanding of The Animal Kingdom, while learning how to Heal & Communicate with The Animals.

Your Practitioner Program includes access to
The Animalhealer Academy

Foundation Course Online Training


Main Topics

These topics are your overall Focus Areas, when learning to navigate the Energy Landscape of The Spiritual Animal Kingdom


Course Modules

Each Module will take you you into the fundamental 'Knots & Bolts' of Animal Healing & Animal Communication

  • Healing in Theory

    • Introduction to Healing Animals
    • The Structure of The Energy Body
    • The Interconnectedness of Animals & Humans
  • Spiritual Development

    • A Study in Spirituality & Your Own Inner Work
    • The Group Soul & The Oversoul Varieties
    • Soul Animals & Karma Animals
  • Energy Work

    • Clairs & Your Sensory System
    • Initiation of The Healing Session
    • Healing Methods
  • Animalhealers Toolbox

    • Working with Your Guide Team
    • Animal Communication
    • Healing Techniques

12 months Practitioner Program


As a Mentee & Practitioner Student, you will venture into an adventure, building up your Spiritual Muscles  together with  Animal Spirit. Build your business as a Certified Professional Animalhealer

1:1 sessions

monthly Online via Skype or Zoom



Every month you will join a 1:1 session online, with focus points for the coming month, tailored & aligned to your unique spiritual path with the animals

Build your Business and help others help the animals!


Mentee & Practitioner Students will bring their knowledge to others! Bringing their Lightwork into the world, to help humans & animals grow in harmony together! Bringing your business to the World

New study material every 10 days

Personal Platform


Access our Online Training Portal.

New training content is released every 10 days.

Special Mentee & Practitioner Student Content & Personal Study Site

Our Philosophy

At Animalhealer Academy we believe, that

we all have a Connection inside of us,

from where our Inner Source lives in Harmony with Nature and Mother Earth.


By Cultivating this space, we get into a deeper Contact

with The Animals and we are able to Channel Healing Energy and

Communicate with The Animal Kingdom.

  • Your bond with Animals

    Everybody contains the power inside of them to create a Healing Space between human and animal

  • Your Inner Power

    Tapping into this inner power, will assist in the liberation of our Spiritual Truth and enlighten our
    unique spiritual path moving forward in life

  • Your Heart in Balance

    This supports the alignment of harmony and balance in our Hearts, to work in Conscious Awareness with
    The Animal Kingdom

  • Your Compassion

    Through Compassion and Loving Communion with The Animals of This World, together we can transform the energy and lift the energy and the conscioussness on this planet.

'All animals are Sentient Soulful Beings, in their own right'

From The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program Manifesto

We help Animals in need!

The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program help

support more than 700 animals!


As a Mentee @ Animalhealer Academy, you are automatically part of The Lemur Pen!

This is our Exclusive Online Community for Heartcentered

Animal Lovers and Rescuers.

We share the love for animals and we support them in living their best life!


Monthly 'Pack Gaterings' is hosted for members of The Lemur Pen,

with special content and exclusive teaching topics.

This is our Heartshared Community, where we come together

for the Love of Animals!


Odsherred Zoo Rescue

Denmarks first and largest rescue center for exotic animals

Odsherred Zoo Rescue

600 animals from all over Europe lives here! Many have been rescued from illegal trafficking of exotic animals, illegal breeding programs and unsuitable living conditions

'New Horselife' (Nyt Hesteliv in Danish :) )

Home for more than 100 horses, donkeys and mules

'New Horselife'

Rescued from the most horrible conditions and many arrive at New Horselife in really poor state! But then the magic starts to happen! They come back to life!!

I have witnessed it time and time again.

2 options for joining as a Practitioner

You can pay everything up front and get a 10% discount

or pay the course fee in 2 payments!

About your teacher

Charlotte Banff,

Lightworker for The Animals

CAO - Chief Animal Officer :) & Compassion Activist

Founder of Animalhealer Academy

I have a core belief, that inside all of us,

resides the ability to communicate with

The Animal Kingdom


In doing so, I believe that we humans can

re-connect to a deeper sense of alignment with our contact to the essence within us.

This way, we can live in greater harmony with the Nature around us, serving our purpose in life.


The aim of Animalhealer Academy is to broaden the knowledge of Animalhealing and Animal Communication and to guide Heartcentered Animal Lovers in their spiritual growth, through

Healing and Consciousness Work with animals.

'Hi! I'm Charlotte Banff and #IAmHereForTheAnimals!

I am a Lightworker for The Animals!

I am on a mission to Share The Spiritual Voice of The Animals, Globally!


I have founded Animalhealer Academy as an Online Transformation Platform,

to serve the interconnectedness between humans and animals.'

"Animal Healer Academy just opened a new door for me, a dream so big I couldn't even imagine: communicating with animals, what a gift! Our professor Charlotte is amazing, she explains everything in a very clear way and the lessons are very enlightening and complete. I highly recommend the Animalhealer Academy and the Foundation course"

with love Joana ❤

Joana, Portugal

''With Animalhealer Academy Charlotte has created a very much needed space for those who have an interest in animal communication and animal healing. Charlotte Banff is a well of knowledge and intuitive information on the subject. It is absolutely clear that her driving force is connection to and compassion for the animals - and the humans who are lucky enough to be around them. In Animalhealer Academy she generously share her knowledge with her students, who no doubt will be glad they enrolled in the course. I know I AM !!'' Camilla

Camilla, Denmark

Difficulties deciding, if joining the Practitioner & Certification Program

is the right next step for you?

Let's talk about it! Book a free Discovery Call and let's together look into how to design the best Mentee Path for your Spiritual Journey, together with the Animal Friends in your life!


Frequently asked question

Practitioner Certification Program

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Who is the Animalhealer Academy Practitioner & Certification Program for ?

How do I become an Animalhealer Academy Practitioner & Certification?

Will I receive access to The Foundation Course as part of The Practitioner & Certification Program ?

How long time does it take to go through the courses?

In what format will I receive the training material?

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the Practitioners Certification Program?

What is 'The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program'?

What is 'The Lemur Pen'?

I have questions, not answered here in the FAQ. Who can I contact?

Pricing Plans

The Animalhealer Academy Courses are priced below

Foundation Course


Your fundamental guide into the beautiful Spiritual World of

The Animals.

Learn the 4 pillars of becoming a true Lightworker for The Animals

This Online Program is your Fundamental Knowledge about all the aspects of becoming an Animalhealer and and Animal Communicator


4 months

Foundation Course Advance

Everything from The Foundation Course PLUS Personal Support via Zoom or Skype

This program option gives you direct access to calls with Charlotte, where you can get support with all your questions as you work through The Foundation Course.


4 months





Dive into your own Spiritual Path with the animals and The Soul Contract between you and the animals in your life

Becoming a Mentee is a significant step in your Spiritual Work for

The Animals.This is a Calling towards working closely with the Spiritual Realm of The Animal Kingdom


7 months

Practitioner & Certification


Adding a Practitioners Certification on top of your Menteeship, is taking the Spiritual Work for The Animals to the level of The Professional!

Working professionally with your own clients and their Animal Friends, both on-site and from a distance.

Learn how to set up your own Animal Healing Business


12 months

Animalhealer Academy Upgrade Program

You can always step-up your program level!

If you are an existing Student at Animalhealer Academy and if you have begun or finished one of our program levels and you want to 'Level-Up' to another program, you can always 'jump' to the program you want to join!


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