Help your Animal Friends

Animals feel it too!

Everything that goes on in the world at the moment, with the fear and anxiety related to the Corona virus, our Animals Friends perceive the energy of all that goes on in their environment and this has an effect on their Energy System & their Energy Body.

They feel it too!!

  • Animals are extremely perceptive to energy!

    Everything that goes on in their environment, they sense with their Energy Body & Energy System

  • They sense on a Collective Level

    The animals are picking up the fear & anxiety, that is spreading through our world.

  • Help your Animal Friends

    You can assist your Animal Friend by influencing their Energy Body with a Transformative Healing & via Guided Meditation

Help your Animal Friends during troubled times

You can assist your animal friends by influencing their Energy Body through Transformative Energy Healing & Meditation

It is my hope, that this material, that I will share with you, may bring you some guidance and clarity as to how you can help your animal friends cope better with the stressors of fear & anxiety

influencing us all at the moment.


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