We help Animals in need!

Odsherred Zoo Rescue

Odsherred Zoo Rescue

'New Horselife' (Nyt Hesteliv in Danish :) )

'New Horselife'

Our Philosophy

At Animalhealer Academy we believe, that

we all have a Connection inside of us,

from where our Inner Source lives in Harmony with Nature and Mother Earth.


By Cultivating this space, we get into a deeper Contact

with The Animals and we are able to Channel Healing Energy and

Communicate with The Animal Kingdom.

  • Your bond with Animals

  • Your Inner Power

  • Your Heart in Balance

  • Your Compassion

Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course

 Your Foundation & Baseline Training!

Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course Advanced

Train with
Personal Support!

Animalhealer Academy Online Mentee & Coaching

Deepen Your Studies
as a Mentee!

Animalhealer Academy Practitioner & Certification

Become a Professional & Build your Business!

Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course

The Animalhealer Academy

Foundation Course

is the Corner Stone in

The Animalhealer Academy!


This course will provide you with a

thorough baseline of knowledge, tools and practices for your Spiritual Work with The Animal Kingdom.


Course Modules

Each Module will take you you into the fundamental 'Knots & Bolts' of Animal Healing & Animal Communication


Main Topics

These topics are your overall Focus Areas, when learning to navigate the Energy Landscape of The Spiritual Animal Kingdom

Your solid foundation of knowledge in Connecting, Healing and Communicating with The Animals

  • Healing in Theory

    • Introduction to Healing Animals
    • The Structure of The Energy Body
    • The Interconnectedness of Animals & Humans
  • Spiritual Development

    • A Study in Spirituality & Your Own Inner Work
    • The Group Soul & The Oversoul Varieties
    • Soul Animals & Karma Animals
  • Energy Work

    • Clairs & Your Sensory System
    • Initiation of The Healing Session
    • Healing Methods
  • Animalhealers Toolbox

    • Working with Your Guide Team
    • Animal Communication
    • Healing Techniques

Venture into a

Spiritual Journey with The Animals!

This is about giving your Service to The Animals, doing right by the Animals of Our World and sharing Energy and Spirit with these wonderful beings, learning from their wisdom and sharing yours with them, in joined Love & Compassion.

When you sign up for The Foundation Course,

you automatically support

The Animalhealer Academy

Rescue Program,

Designed to help Rescue Centers care for animals in need


In the Rescue Program we share our work!

As part of this program we host complimentary online events:

Quarterly Group Calls Q&A +

Rescue Animal News!

About your teacher

Charlotte Banff,

Lightworker for The Animals

CAO - Chief Animal Officer :) & Compassion Activist

Founder of Animalhealer Academy

I have a core belief, that inside all of us,

resides the ability to communicate with

The Animal Kingdom


In doing so, I believe that we humans can

re-connect to a deeper sense of alignment with our contact to the essence within us.

This way, we can live in greater harmony with the Nature around us, serving our purpose in life.


The aim of Animalhealer Academy is to broaden the knowledge of Animalhealing and Animal Communication and to guide Heartcentered Animal Lovers in their spiritual growth, through

Healing and Consciousness Work with animals.

'Hi! I'm Charlotte Banff and #IAmHereForTheAnimals!

I am a Lightworker for The Animals!

I am on a mission to Share The Spiritual Voice of The Animals, Globally!


I have founded Animalhealer Academy as an Online Transformation Platform,

to serve the interconnectedness between humans and animals.'

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